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5Blood sugar In some people with HIV who use protease inhibitorslevels of sugarglucosein the blood become higher than normalProlonged bouts of higher-than-normal blood sugar levels may lead to diabetesalthough for the average personthe risk of developing this complication is lowRegular monitoring of your blood to assess sugar levels and other measurements will help you and your doctor be aware of changes that might suggest problems with your blood sugarAlthough the risk of developing diabetes is generally lowsymptoms that may be related to diabetesincreased thirstincreased urinationunexplained weight lossfatigue and dryitchy skinshould be discussed with your doctor.

In addition to adequate hydrationmedical management in patients who experience nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis may include temporary interruptione.g1 to 3 daysor discontinuation of therapy.

2Indinavir and other protease inhibitors Some specialists prescribe indinavir in combination of with another protease inhibitor called ritonavirNorvirWith this combinationritonavir acts as aboosterfor indinavirmeaning that ritonavir increases or boosts levels of indinavir in the blood when both drugs are taken togetherWhen indinavir is taken with ritonavirboth drugs need only be taken on a twice-daily schedule to maintain high levels of indinavir in the bloodA combination of both drugs that is sometimes used is 800 mg of indinavir with 100 mg of ritonavirboth drugs taken every 12 hoursIf your doctor has prescribed thisboostedindinavir regimenyou still have to drinka minimum of 1.5 litres of extra fluid each dayUnlike the case when indinavir womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews, womenra reviews. is the only protease inhibitorindinavir in combination with ritonavir can be taken with or without mealsAnother dose combination being studied is indinavir 400 mg and ritonavir 100 mgtwice-dailyHoweverthis and other dose combinations of indinavir and ritonavir are experimental.

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