It like when the Bills decimated the Vikings by like 40 points

Newcastle University actually demolished their cheapest accomodation option, Ricky Road, despite it being the most loved and preferred option by many students. Someone from the uni was quoted as saying that en suites were essential or some nonsense. Most people didn give a shit about not having an en suite and would rather pay less and do without one.

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As for what happens now: Russia is basically pushing the envelope to see how much they can get away with. To be clear, those Ukrainian boats are legally allowed to move through that strait (maritime law dictates it would be illegal to prevent access as that would constitute a blockade). Russia seizing those boats is them tightening their grip on the region, as well as seeing how strong the backlash is.

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I also respect the hell out of Drew Brees. As much as I don like the Giants I think Barkley will without a doubt be a very talented player so I excited to see what he can do. Tyreek Hill is fun to watch as well, he is so fast it insane.. Lashley backing down from McIntyre, I actually shocked. Lashley could sent the message that he is being underlooked by the WWE Universe. I think Lashley matches up with McIntyre well.