Key First Year Module:Genetics I Storage of genetic information

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Canada Goose Jackets Along with all canada goose cheap uk of the other students on the Biological Sciences programmes you will take other modules (listed below) designed to introduce you to canada goose expedition black friday all aspects of this broad subject discipline.Key First Year Module:Genetics I Storage of genetic information, gene expression and regulation, mitosis and meiosis, gene linkage and chromosome mapping.Fundamentals of Biochemistry Fundamental biochemical processes taking place inside cellsIntroduction to Evolution and Animal Biology Watch video An overview of introduction from the pre biotic era to Darwin and his impact. Natural selection, the origins of altruism and sexual reproduction, genetic determinants of evolution.Cell Biology and Physiology Tissues, organelles, reproduction and development.Ecological Concepts and Plant Sciences This module provides a broad overview of the biology of our environment, including topics such as climate change, conservation, ecophysiology and cell biology of plants.Introduction to Microbiology Watch video cheap canada goose jacket mens Broad introduction to microbiology with a focus on infectious disease, covering bacteria, fungi, protists, archaea and virusesWidening Horizon Module (WHM) allows you to explore content from other academic programmes of this university in the form of canada goose outlet locations in toronto a stand alone module. More information on WHMs can be found here.Second YearIn the second year Genetics module you will study the basis by which genetic variation arises and is transmitted from generation to generation. Canada Goose Jackets

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