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MAXZIDE should not be given to patients receiving other potassium-conserving agents such as spironolactoneamiloride hydrochloride or other formulations containing triamtereneConcomitant potassium supplementation in the form of medicationpotassium-containing salt substitute or potassium-enriched diets should also not be used.

The thiazides may decrease arterial responsiveness to norepinephrineThis diminution is not sufficient to preclude effectiveness of the pressor agent for therapeutic useThiazides have also been shown to increase the responsiveness to tubocurarine.

Acute renal failure has been reported in a few patients receiving indomethacin and formulations containing triamterene and hydrochlorothiazideCaution is therefore advised when administering non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents with MAXZIDEtriamterene tamoxifen class i or ii, tamoxifen class i or ii, tamoxifen class i or ii, tamoxifen class i or ii, tamoxifen class i or ii, tamoxifen class i or ii. and hydrochlorothiazide

This medication can increase your potassium levelsespecially if you have kidney disease or diabetesor are severely illPotassium levels must be done while you are taking this medicationIf not treatedvery high potassium levels can sometimes be fatalIf you notice any of the following serious side effectstell your doctor right awaymuscle weaknessslow/irregular heartbeat.

Because of the potassium-sparing properties of angiotensin-converting enzymeACEinhibitorsMAXZIDE should be used cautiouslyif at allwith these agentssee PRECAUTIONSDRUG INTERACTIONS

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